What are the Benefits of Wireless Speaker Tables?

What are the Benefits of Speaker Tables?

Funny enough, speaker tables are often what music engineers call flat-top speaker stands.

Tables with speakers, on the other hand, are part of the hip trend in interior decorating— audio furniture. These pieces blend into your living room, kitchen, and bedroom, acting as furniture, and (because of their size and dimension) also act as premium audio equipment.

Audio Furniture, the Future of Home Sound Speaker Systems

Look for options that include Bluetooth connectivity and assist in cord placement to maximize your value. 

When choosing the right audio furniture, be sure to confirm that the product will not decrease the listening experience. There’s nothing worse than a rattling speaker or dulled sounds from a cheap cone. If you want to ensure you’re buying the best on the market, consider iHip Home Tech Collection for all your audio furniture needs. 

Benefits of Speaker Tables

To understand the incredible benefits of this style of furniture, reimagine the possibilities of speaker tables:

  • Place your phone on top and connect to the wireless charging theater experience you can place anywhere.
  • Get cozy with a book, a cup of tea, and some classical music. With a speaker table beside your reading chair, you can relax like it's Sunday, any day.
  • Dress a few of these tables up and place them around the room for a classy, music-driven cocktail hour party in your home!


With a wide array of speaker furniture designed specifically to meet the needs of every music lover, iHip can enhance every home’s listening experience. Whether you’re ready to find your perfect speaker table or are looking to replace an old audio system, iHip should be your first stop.